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  • MardalaSwanam – Rhythmic Vibrations of a Barrel Drum

    3 videos  |  Rent $4

    00:00 – Chatusra-triputa-tāla
    30:18 – Miśra-tāla-chāpa

    This classical music features percussion maestro Mannargudi R. Vasudevan who is known to be one of the fastest drummers. The composition presents rare meditative rhythmic cycles using a type of mardala, a barrel-shaped drum, made specif...

  • GhataKalpanam – Entrancing Rhythms of the Clay Pot

    4 videos  |  Rent $4

    00:00 – Ekādasha-tāla-chāpa
    12:14 – Ādi-tāla-gamaka

    This classical music features the legendary percussion maestro T. H. Vinayakram. The composition presents rare meditative rhythmic cycles on the ghata, a baked clay pot made specifically to be played as a percussion instrument. It is also kn...

  • VinaVyoman - Cosmic Resonance of the Violin

    2 videos  |  Rent $4

    00:00 Ālāp of Rāga Bhairavi
    26:46 Tāna in Rāga Bhairavi
    37:57 Gāna in Rāga Bhairavi

    This classical music features the renowned violin maestro Kumaresh Rajagopalan. He is widely regarded in Indian classical music for his collaborative music project with his elder brother, Ganesh ...

  • VinaSaman - Celestial Melodies of the Vina

    2 videos  |  Rent $4

    00:00 Invocation of Ganapati
    12:36 Salutation to Saraswati
    26:36 Ālāp of Rāga Karaharapriyā
    39:20 Tāna in Rāga Karaharapriyā

    VīnāSāman – classical music CD features the renowned vīnā maestro Jayanthi Kumaresh. Starting as a child prodigy, Jayanthi has been enthralling music ...